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Forum: I am kinda having a Question.
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Hmm... I might play it. It really depends. For me, whether I'd be engaged or not would be related to both the story and the gameplay... mostly the story. Since Deliverance was unfinished, it left a lot of holes you would need to address as well as add to in order to finish the whole thing. Sure, Deliverance isn't a complex story, but it would need structure as well as some lore, maybe. There's also the art and such that would need to be done, and I wouldn't want you to just reuse assets, so I'd actually suggest you get a small team to help, whether it be for art, story, marketing, moral support, programming/bug fixes, or otherwise.

As far as programming characters, keep it simple... an energy or SP bar that all characters use instead of dividing it unnecessarily into energy/magic/stamina/etc... dividing it not only adds extra work, but ultimately would be unnecessary with how most combat systems work. Sure, it adds a layer of 'depth' if you have different classes that function differently as far as skill usage goes, but otherwise, there isn't really too much reason to divide the bars.

Next, I'd point out that you might want to add other aspects to set your game apart from Deliverance. Even if it is a spiritual successor, being too similar to the game often gets you accused of plagiarism, when you really didn't plagiarize at all. Obviously, don't reuse quotes or characters, and try to vary the story enough so it isn't a copy paste of the original. I know that's all obvious, but it's still worth it to note.

Lastly, make sure to put time into the lore and background of the world after creating the characters and story. Establishing a good foundation for where everything came from is a good idea when you put together a game or story, at least from my experience, otherwise you'll just be making stuff up as you go, and that probably isn't the best idea for an ambitious game like this.

Either way, I wish you luck.
Forum: What happened to my homework?!? Month 1!
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I guess I should have explained things better, huh? Sorry about that, it might have been easier to understand the rules if I had provided an example or explained things better.

For one thing, none of the stories are connected... they're beginning/middle/end stories that finish at the end of your post, with prompts provided at the end for the next poster.

Each person is a different student that had events happen to them based around the prompts that they may use in their story how they see fit. They aren't connected, again, so players won't need to continue or follow off of any other persons. Think of them all taking place in different classrooms, I guess.... tge characters won't meet up.

This is just a rules clarification, apologies. If anyone needs an example of what I'm talking about, I'll add an example to the main page. Tama's is fine, but it should end so other people won't have to continue the story she made and make it all jumbled.

I figure in doing it thid way we can judge each individual piece rather than what that person had to contribute to.
Forum: What happened to my homework?!? Month 1!
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This is a game I thought might be fun to do in the forums for whoever wishes to participate!

We've all been in that situation. A school day you are dreading. You have just lost, didn't finish, or had your homework destroyed in some way... but the teacher never believes you! In this game however, crazy things really did happen to you and your homework... and the teacher actually believes you, but she isn't happy!

In this simple game, players will be given three prompts at the start by another player, each more ridiculous than the next, like 'swallowed by a man-eating salami, died and reincarnated as a goat, escaped a zombie apocalypse by sacrificing your fur' or something crazy like that... from there, the player must use these topics in their story to explain what happened to their homework and how they got to the classroom in one piece. You can get as crazy as you want, the teacher will believe you no matter what, as you're her favorite student. After that, another student will get the 'homework curse' and will be given prompts by that same player who just got back.

At the end of each month, the participants or people reading the thread can vote on which stories they found the best or the most entertaining, and whoever wins for that month will get bragging rights and will be able to keep Smegulot the Ultimate Fig with them until the next competition ends.

I won't start with any story at the moment, but I will provide three prompts for someone else to follow and use. I'd rather go by someone else's prompts, not my own! Here are some prompts to start this all off! The next person to respond to this must use these, as will every person to every following prompt.

1) Woke up in a giant hamster cage.
2) Your imaginary friend tried to kill you.
3) Had to use a hollowed out grapefruit to get back to class.

Keep in mind that you cannot kill the other player, they must ALWAYS arrive at the classroom in some form way or another. You can make the prompts as crazy as you want, but they must be able to get to the classroom in some way or another. Don't rig it to win, that isn't fun. The homework will always have to disappear or be destroyed as well within the story you tell based around the prompts. These prompts do not 'stack'.
Forum: "Edit" option (For Posts) in our Forum
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There actually is a way to edit posts, just click on the post itself and it'll turn into a text box like when you're typing a post. You can edit from there any things you may have wanted to change.

You can only edit that one post back a certain amount of days though. I don't remember the specific time when it stops you from being able to do so, but yeah.
Forum: Remembering our past!!
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Nostalgia is something to look back on and analyse, not dwell in for pleasure or peace, in my opinion. If you trap yourself in a bubble of comfort, you feel the comfort, but not the pains outside to help grow and change.

Regardless, the bigger point of this thread was more to start a conersation on how people remember things and how well those memories hold up compared to how they may have actually happened. Also,would you change any of them if you could, or keep them as they are?

I find it a fun topic to think about regardless...
Forum: Taming Dreams could be a Masterpiece
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Interesting to hear your thoughts on the game now, most people don't really talk about it much as a new Chapter hasn't been released in months, but hey, I'll indulge in this conversation, I suppose! It's cool to see you making these posts here, by the way, sorry for not responding before! We need some more activity here anyway. You should join in the chat sometime! But yes, onto my thoughts on Taming Dreams, I guess, and my feelings on each of your points.

I quite like Taming Dreams, to start off, but the first chapter is... a bit slow. Even with all the tutorial Tobias trimmed off, it's still a lot to learn in a short amount of time, and I feel it could have been spread out a lot more. Still, the dialogue is rather silly and I enjoy the interactions between the characters here. I do like the last boss fight and feel it does a pretty good job going over what you learned, but I feel there should have just been more to that part. I didn't fully get the mechanics down until part 2, from memory. There isn't much character development in this part, so I can't say much on that, but I do like the new designs of the characters.

Speaking of part 2, it's a lot better, and I feel a lot less handheld in the game. Probably because I'm not being bombarded with tutorials, but either way, it's a lot better. The character development still hasn't told much other than on Mereadyth's situation and Deugan being a bit neurotic, but it's a lot better overall I feel, as the addition of the character dialogue really lets us explore all the emotions going through the characters' heads, what I feel is the strongest part of the game. I like the dungeon here as well... not too long and not too short, and the poem fragment idea is really cool and a fun little distraction. The music in here has some nice ambience.

Speaking of the music, I like it better than the MARDEK series. Yes, I'm attached to the old pieces, but I feel these are a lot better composed and match the places they are put in a bit better. Not to say MARDEK has a bad soundtrack, but I just like these themes a bit better.

However, I will say that I still don't like the encounter system. Having to stop to click a bunch of bubbles for 5 minutes when I want to avoid encounters is a bit of a pain... I wish I could just turn such encounters on and off, but I get the reasoning behind it. I just wish it was a bit less tedious.

Part 3 is what really invested me. I don't have many complaints about that one, there's plenty of character development and nice moments in there, more interesting random encounters than last chapter, and a fairly tough final part boss. Not to say the other parts were bad, they just aren't nearly as good. I feel this part should have been included with the others, and the next part should be paid for, as part 2 is a bit of an odd cutoff before you start paying. Either way, I enjoyed this part.

The NPCs in this game are pretty interesting. I like that they're all interrelated and all have parts to them that they have to tell you. I also like that they each have two lines of dialogue to say like in the Lunar games...

As for those games you say are masterpieces, interesting thoughts. I was never much a fan of VI, as I didn't like the whole magitech thing and Kefka didn't leave as much of an impact to me as I wanted to me (I think because not only is everything fixed so quickly in the end, but I barely got to know most of the characters he killed), and he was the one who carried most of the story. I felt the same way when I played Chrono Trigger... the characters were fairly stock, the story wasn't anything exceptional, the time travel was fun unless you were lost, and the endings were not worth it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't mind blowing. I have that same position on FFVI... just 'eh'.

I haven't played IX, but I hear they kinda throw a final boss in there who doesn't much relate to anything. I would like to try it some time though, as I hear it is pretty good. Personally, I'm more of Final Fantasy Tactics guy though then a main series person. I think it may be in part because I hate that action meter turn system most of the games use... I don't like being rushed like that just to use a fire spell only to be killed because I didn't hit the command fast enough.

For me, I'd say Suikoden II, Megaman Legends II, Skies of Arcadia, and Breath of Fire III left bigger impacts on me, whether by story, characters, or otherwise. It's really a matter of taste, I think.

Anyway, good to see you making these posts, keep it up!
Forum: How do you cope with happiness?
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Well, I'm no real expert on happiness on any scientific level, but for me, the first step towards accepting happiness is to first accept the conflicts in you first. It is my belief that humanity as a whole thrives off of three things: belief, conflict, and sacrifice. We are high strung in our thoughts, our ideas, pushing away other possibilities without realizing it in order to cause some sort of pleasure to ourselves. 'Selflessness', therefore to us, is moving away from what you are believing in your head, going against the conflict in our mind, and making the sacrifice to do what is right.... but is it always? Or just an escape to stroke our minds, cause people to feel calm about a situation temporarily? While selflessness may be admirable, there are times where it is better to stand up for what you have, or what you believe. To cause a conflict for another to help them grow. Or to ignore one's sacrifice to cause understanding in either ourselves or the other person. Both sides have evils to them, but I think they both have their uses in different situations. Yeah, uh...

Either way, what I'm trying to get at is that in order to truly feel happiness, you must fully understand the evil from it first, accept it or not. Look at the bigger picture before the smaller one, your mind is your worst enemy, and the only way to make it your friend is not to overcome it or trick it, but to accept it. A friend does not want to listen to another friend if they will not listen in turn.

There's an analogy I really like that sort of deals with the idea of identity, though there's likely other ways it's been told. A man begins to build a house with his favorite hammer, and the top part of it falls off. He goes to the toolshop and buys a new hammertop, but as he starts again, the handle falls off, and he needs to replace it again. Then the hammertop, then handle... this repeats several times, and by now the hammer looks nothing the same. Going by this, does him having replaced the original parts make it a different hammer, or is it still the same one with a different coat of paint, so to speak? Personally, I feel it is still the same hammer, even if the parts that made it up are different. You can say the same thing about everyone's happiness. It's all... the same, but with different parts.

I mean, to you, is happiness really achieved by self sacrifice? Or by giving into our desires? Is it achieved by doing the right thing, or is it achieved for you by doing the wrong thing? Do you feel better telling someone the truth, or indulging in a lie? What if you feel happy simply being sad? We find pleasure in the strangest places, and it's not always the same.

So for me, 'coping' with happiness, and furthermore, understanding and achieving happiness is something I find easiest to do when I can understand it and agree or disagree with it, according to my beliefs, the conflicts that come or don't come from it, and the sacrifice I choose to take or not to take.

That's just my two cents, and I probably sound kind of rambly and stupid, but I feel happiness is, in a sense, a label. A way of identifying a particular emotion. But is the best way to experience it, to feel it, by doing a certain thing or living a certain way? I feel it really depends on you as a person, and what kind of happiness makes you well... happy.
Blog: Brain Surgery
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Chapter 3's been out for a while... if you touch/click on it when at the main menu or after you beat the first and second chapter, you can buy it for a small fee. It's the best chapter so far, in my opinion, but remember the next Chapter likely won't be out for a while, as Pseudo wanted to take a break to try making a different game on Steam, as well as that he's having... issues with his life right now, as you can see...

Still, I'd recommend trying it regardless! I'd personally like him to release the mostly finished but not quite prototype for Alora Fane: Creation, which was his sort-of-old questbuilder he never quite finished.
Blog: Brain Surgery
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You're... oddly calm about all this! This isn't exactly the most comforting thing! I mean, I know you've probably had time to let the worry sink in, but... having similar issues as to how I mentally view things to how you describe them, or have, I'd be quite horrified!

I suppose if it had sunk in enough though and I'd take such classes, I'd look into what was going on a lot myself... I'd probably be really paranoid and, despite how likely or unlikely the event was bad or not, I'd still be bedridden for a bit.... so it's good you can get those thoughts behind you and focus at least a bit on other things! I've been diagnosed with OCD, anxiety/depression (by my psychiatrist and therapist, just to clarify), and both are fairly stronger than most, it seems..... so I know how you feel quite well. I think I've begun to develop social anxiety as well, or I've been dealing with it for a while... I never talked much in school or class, even to my parents. I pretty much said two words in middle school...

I personally can't stop thinking about stuff going on or in my head myself... I'm always pacing, worrying or thinking of story ideas or some video I had watched/game I had played.... it's like I can't quite shut my brain off. Despite this, I don't talk much and I prefer to keep to myself. I wouldn't say it's a paranoid thing, more that I like to look at everything and observe it all, analyze and observe every little detail. I wish it reflected in my writing and concept art more, but I digress, I'm off point!

Considering what they've told you, if such an event was bad, do you think you would write something about your life? I mean, I know how hard it is to think of, but in that bad case.... it might be a good idea to plan ahead for those remaining days, however long they are. And I'm sure you would tell someone about this... it'd be quite destructive to keep it bottled up! Allow people who really care to know... that comfort is huge!

Even if you feel you aren't of worth, simply having that comfort or knowing you'll leave something for others to look back at is a great feeling to leave with or leave behind for others.... memories may not fade of you, but the things you do will, to an extent, unless kept a chronicle of stuff you did and had. It might be fun for you to start doing the things you didn't as well in such a case... it's a great motivation and it's much better to die happy then to die confused and worried, at least to me!

I hope it isn't a big deal, to look on the bright side... you have a long life left, and a lot more to learn! It wouldn't be good for lots of people if you were to go....

To tell the truth, I go to a family reunion every year... I have a nice family and I'm very blessed with that, as I'm fully aware just how many people don't have a great relationships between their relatives or even their own family... by looking into your life, it shows me almost a whole different side of things to me. It may not be great for you, and you may not feel great, but to me... you both show me the things I'm not as well as what I have.... you deal with some issues I deal with and I don't feel alone when I read these things.... heck, you even helped me get through highschool when my depression got so bad I couldn't even do my schoolwork or get up to do the work the home tutor asked of me. It was bad... I didn't even go to school and the school itself even scheduled me to come in every tuesday and thursday. I only went int during half of those hours, and since I felt so bad, I actually went to that less often than was scheduled.

I avoided the topic on this site, as it felt more comforting to me at the time, bottling it up. I realized this wasn't right and this changed as things got better, but... it helped distract from worries around me. To explain my situation, my younger brother had started having crippling headaches, and I began to have bad mental images of me hurting myself or others (though I never acted on it and never planned to, they were crippling to me doing much... mentioning it as visions makes it sound as if I was making up some psychic story but... well, I'd rather not describe a vision of me drilling a hole into all my....... .... thinking about it isn't good)

A-anyway.... my grades were also not doing well, and my parents had told me the only way I was going to get through that was to apply myself. My other siblings were very quiet this whole time, concerned for me, but I pushed them away.... I wasn't in a good state.

So, to solve it, my parents took me to the psychiatrist and therapist more often, I read your stuff as you struggled with these problems and always did your best to push through them, and I got a tutor in school to help organize things and get my back on focus.... thanks to these things, I was able to get through that year.... but I may not have even gotten up or kept working on the work in front of me if you hadn't been pushing like that, nor if I had been inspired to do so. It was as if

I commented a lot on your blogs in those days (my username was just 'Brock' then), I almost seemed to get by in hanging to your every word like a leech thanks to these events and this allowing me to feel as if there was a light ahead, not really noticing any of the mistakes you made during that time, and it was perhaps thanks to this I lost one of my friends at this point and I was labelled as too 'hooked' to you thanks to this. After it was over, this has lessened and my life is very slowly going forward again, but I also haven't been in college from the fear of dealing with such problems. That damn loop always comes back. ;-;

I know that story might be hard to believe... it sounds rather cheesy or stupid, but it's true and I'm very grateful for all those things that helped me during that time. I still go to the psychiatrist every week and the therapist every few... I didn't come out of that perfect, I still had issues. I still do. That's not going to be fixed by me giving up... you shouldn't either.

I mean, I'll be going to college in the fall finally.... I've worked up the courage finally after all that time! I'm going to take three online courses and then regular college/university? afterwards... I'm also planning to get a job when college starts to help support that, and I wouldn't have gotten to this point without a lot of things! I'm still afraid to get my license as talking to people is hard.... but I hope to get over this eventually, I'm not perfect!

I know may be a guy and you dealt with them as best you can thanks to many of them being... unsavory at times, but if you go, know that you've made a difference to me, a guy, and a lot of people. Girls too. Fighunter had a lot of people like that... quiet and looking for a place to belong... a lot weren't that way, but a lot were... Alora Fane follows that trend too, but I feel has a much more caring and kind community, even if it isn't as active.

Yes, your life in the real world's been hard... but what's important is you try and you recognize your faults. A lot of people never recognize these kinds of things... they're stubborn and stay in one place... I struggle with that myself at times. I'm sure you do to, but you still apply yourself when it matters. Don't forget that.


That's... all I had to say. If you read this, I'd like to thank you for your time. Y-yeah. This site will likely endure for a while, so don't feel as if you've failed us here either... many members want to take on what you've put forth!

I've never mentioned this much here before (I have in the chat room to friends, but not to such detail)... I often feel it's best to keep most my personal life or bad experiences out of full description, but seeing this makes me feel as if I need to say all this... and it helps me feel better. Hopefully it will make you feel better!

Think of it in this way.... you don't have the support I've been given or the help and motivation, likely not the schools, and yet you've carved out so much for yourself during this time! It's quite astounding!

= Brock
Forum: Nothing More than Paper (Poem)
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So I wrote this a couple years ago, found it again and liked it, so I heavily edited the work to sound smoother and more engaging. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed re-writing it! It's a bit cheesy, yes, but I enjoy that kind of stuff....

Freeverse Poem 
By: Brockisnothere

Aspiring hands draw me down from the stack I reside in, they place me to the workstation
A warm face looks upon me from above, considering each outcome, and finally reaching a final resolution.
As each word scribbled down tells this story, this is one I cannot fully understand, nor control. 

I do not care, in truth. It is of his own design, and his own work. All I wish is for him to see this. 

The author’s story flows from sentence to sentence as he fixes each part of me, changing this part, but not that. Thinking of this idea, but removing it soon after placement.

I feel proud
. I feel complete.
Happy, I suppose would be the word, but my mind must wonder...

Is this a fate I truly desire? To be stuck under the dictations of his actions? That is not something I should consider. It is not of prevalence now.

Or so I would have thought. The hand of the master begins to slow down after a while, until coming to a complete stop. 

He shakes his head, looks in the mirror and says: 

“Just not right. This won’t do.” 

The reminder seemed more to himself, but I recieved no such warning.

Picking me up, he drops me to the thin wicker can below, confined to a prison of many flops found before me. 

Perhaps I am nothing to him.

If so, what am I then, if I cannot control how I messed up in his eyes?
A stain on the work of a young boy?
Must I really bring myself to feel the music of doubt, of worry?
When can I be something at all?
A bad idea cannot be fixed by doing nothing...
My mind says this will continue, but my hopes say no. Maybe there is no clear answer to such a predicament..

The creator is put to bed, but I do not notice.
Wrapped in a spiderweb of worry, his life is important to others and goes on, but mine is trapped in the thoughts of failure.

He may damn himself for his actions, but I was damned long before any of this.

There is no place for a discarded thought in the downpour of subjective fantasies.

A curtain falls on the day, and the next morning passes. I do not sleep, but it feels as if that would remedy some of the sorrow.

The writer gets up, pulls out a paper, and writes a few lines.

Again, he sighs, though all I hear is his fear to try in the pile of forgotten ‘trash’ below me. 

They are nothing to him, and neither am I. We all feel must feel perfect, ideal, but we are just scraps to the mind of another.

 It has always been this way.

Time passes, and after several hours, a spark.
It's flicker still in the eyes, and the black ink under his control, it swarms the page with drive and determination.

I do not know this story, nor care to learn it. I have my own, and if this is bound to his success, then so be it.

He tucks the experiment under his arm, smiles, and walks out of the room.
As the ecstatic presence fades from view, I spend my night in darkness as the light turns off.

Much time passes, and the writer comes back the following day with a frown, slamming the poor soul crumpled in his hands on the desk.

Are we all useless to him?
Nothing for our imperfections?

Must I endure this life forever? 

He seems to simply stop in place as he does this, composes himself, unwrinkled his now damaged materwork, and closing the door behind him.
The piece in his arms remains, solidly clinging to the hope up above. 

A bright light engulfs the roof above me I had been staring at hours after, the door swung wide open.

A curse spews from his mouth as the entire room seems to shrink under his anger.
The draft in his hands remains, which he sets down, keeping his shaking hands on the desk and his head down.

Pushing against the wood in front of him as support and his hand to his forehead, a single tear falls.
This persists as he snatches the poor victim, tossing it in the trash below in rage.
Cramming his pen back in the drawer within the woodworkings, the artist turns to his bed and then attempts to motivate himself.

He looks at the trash, then again at the bed. Again to the tower of failure, then to his resignation spot. 
Closing his eyes, a hand stretches around my form, and pulls it from the trash.
Unfurling the contents that had placed upon me before to the somber audience around me, perhaps this meant something more?

A decade seems to pass of thinking, thinking, the cogs in his mind shifting and turning. 
Looking down at a particular entry he had given me several times before, he scans it over, then sets me down on the table and begins to make minor edits.

First they are small, but they resume with a gradual intensity, a thunder seeming to crash through the pain. 
The strokes slowly shorten, and he sets down his crafting tool, shaking.

After a few minutes, he sighs, slows his breathing, and looks up in the mirror.

The gloomy reflection cast was still of a person who had gone far these past couple of days, but there was a brightness to it now .
Muttering only few words, I felt as if the darkness began to lift as the storymaker smiled, if only for a few seconds.

 The same words echoed in both my mind and aloud, though seemingly from different sources

“It isn’t perfect... but it’ll do.” 


Yeah, so that's my poem. I'd like to hear your thoughts. The original poem took about 20 minutes, the revision about 15-30...