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The Future of Taming Dreams

Posted by A Tobias 2 years ago
As always, here's a link to the ∞ Android version of Taming Dreams ∞, since attention to it went down a lot when I didn't include one! Speaking of which, the game's not been a huge success so far. I know that's because I've yet to actively promote it, but - while most of the feedback has been positive, some very positive - some statistics and negative feedback makes me wonder about where I should actually go from here...

First, some hard stats. So far, I've earned about $300 from sales of episode 3. This isn't a lot. It's certainly a far cry from the instant millions I'd naively hoped for.

This is the data for people who saw the game in the app store, those who downloaded it, and those who bought episode 3, for December 2015:

I uploaded the game to the app store on the 20-somethingth, so that represents a week or two.

This mostly represents the 'hardcore fans' who've been following me for a while. Though many at least had a look at the game in the app store, few were actually interested enough to download it, and only a fraction of those both got to the end of episode 2 and wanted to (and were able to) buy episode 3...

Here's the stats for January so far:

Somehow (app store searches?), more people have seen it (the number isn't cumulative; that is, this doesn't include the amount from December), but an even smaller percentage of those have actually wanted to download it, and only a tiny fraction wanted to pay money for it.

This makes me sigh. I understand that long-time MARDEK fans would be willing to pay for the game, but what about the uninitiated masses? Those who've never heard of me, who aren't necessarily drawn to games like this? Would I ever find a niche?

I wish I'd not tried to design the game as a reboot of MARDEK. I wrote the story as it is because I was trying to stick to the format of MARDEK's story, but now it feels as if I'm stuck with a shaky foundation... Like trying to add meat to malformed bones; no matter how beautiful that meat might be, the overall result will still appear disfigured, unattractive.

The beginning in particular bothers me. I don't feel it's very gripping at all. A dungeon romp, a lot of hard-to-understand talking, two probably-unattractive guys talking about gameplay mechanics... and it drags on. I've shown the game to people I know in person, and their attention wasn't held beyond the Evil God because, well, the game just didn't seem very interesting to them. It doesn't matter how good the rest of the story is; it's that beginning that'll make or break it for most people. I hate how I'm stuck with this now.

And how I'm stuck with having to make tons of episodes, too. I've been cutting down the story a lot over the past few days, to 18 rather than 40-odd episodes as I said the other day, but even that seems a bit too much work. It'll take years to make all those. There are too many characters, too many intertwined threads in the plot, too much baffling complexity. Reviews have commented on the poor pacing; I feel that's true too, and very likely off-putting.

I've been thinking a lot about whether I could just start the game anew... sort of. Or rather, start another game with the same engine but a much more streamlined plot, cast, that kind of thing. Six episodes rather than eighteen. A small cast of adults, rather than children. Clearer dialogue, themes, etc; more relatable and immediately gripping. I have a lot of ideas I'd like to explore, and I've already written a sketch of a full six-episode plot that I could use for this.

But then I know the outrage it'd cause amongst those who've already supported Taming Dreams... The terrible things it'd say about my reputation, my reliability.

So I feel trapped on a path that might not even work out... Though I understand that the few people who've paid for episode 3 are interested in seeing what happens next, that interest - and the fear of disappointing them - sadly won't be able to justify the months of effort I'll need to pour into episodes if all I'm going to be getting in return is a few hundred dollars.

In the past I've always worked for the joy of it... I loved to create. But recently I've been reflecting on how I've basically wasted my life doing this. I've never had a proper job. I don't know what future awaits me with my qualifications (or rather, lack thereof). It's bleak, or rather I fear I'll have to get a career in this line of work which only causes me frustration these days.

It's particularly draining knowing that people have been complaining about the amount I'm daring to charge for Taming Dreams, about my apparently foolish business decisions. I understand that it's important to tackle these things sensibly, but I've never been a businessman, and having to think about it all just leaves me feeling dead inside, unable to create. There's a reason the 'starving artist' archetype exists; loads of creative types are terrible with the business side of things because they don't really care about it, they just want to make things.

I'm at a point now where I'm not sure what to do next. I know that I need to release the iOS version of Taming Dreams and promote it, but I know that once I do, I'll be locked into a promise to provide 15 more episodes to continue a story that might not even be of much interest to many people at all, and which might not be profitable to me, not worth the time and effort.

Alternatively, I could postpone (but not necessarily cancel) Taming Dreams and use its engine and assets to (relatively quickly) build a new game with a hopefully more engaging and definitely less epic story; one I might have a hope of finishing in less than a year. The freshness of it might reinspire me creatively, leading to quick development. Having a finished story relatively quickly would allow me to package all six episodes together into one, which I could release as a single product on things like Steam (if possible).

I'd love to go down that path. But I know that people will hate it if I do, so I'm stuck. It's probably a bad decision anyway, irrational.

I'm just not really sure what to do. I used to spend all day every day working on my games... Now the draw of spending time with actual friends and doing my academic work are far stronger, and I come home and think "I don't want to work on that stupid game today, I'll do it tomorrow". My feelings would be immensely different if the money had been pouring in, but I know I need to promote it before there's any chance of that happening, and, well.

I know I'm not handling this very Professionally, and I know that probably bothers a lot of people who just want me to be a games-making machine... But sadly the same mind that brought this work into being isn't well-suited to business or promotion! Moody artists and businessmen tend not to occupy the same cognitive niches in the world.

Anyway, I suppose I'll have to spend some more time dwelling on it. I might start work on that alternate idea anyway, even if it doesn't go anywhere, just to rekindle my interest in Taming Dreams if nothing else (which is what happened when I tried working on that 'Wavelengths' thing about a year ago; making that reminded me of why I was working on Taming Dreams (then MARDEK 4) and so I returned eagerly to that before long). I wish I were more reliable about this, I really do, but it's hard to even get out of bed these days, and not due to laziness. I'm doing the best I can, but with a black beast within you, energy and enthusiasm become very limited.
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25 Argentina
I'm just checking the blog after a while and found quite sadly, that I'm unable to play your new games since my android phone is not near good enough to support it, and my tablet is on Windows so I'll only talk about what I can tell and that is about art and expectations as a musician myself.

You as a creator, have put yourself under the weight of your work so far, and have put your new work (Taming Dreams) under the weight of your previous works (Mardek) by declaring it a reboot.

I'm well aware of your tendency to reboot, remake, revamp your work, but as an artist myself let me tell you, if you don't go for the money, you don't have to comply to anyone's expectations, rather you have to take what you consider a positive criticism from what you read and leave everything else away.

Now, if you go for the profit, the reboot wasn't the way to go in my opinion, you would have been better continuing from Mardek 4, a very succesful story of yours and apply your improvements there, continue it, mobile, episodic, with a limited set of characters per episode, with new art, however you see fit and aim to finish it, I know that making a whole product under the same light with the same quality is an ideal, but that impedes you from moving forward, having to re-do everything everytime that you learn a new programming language (as it happened twice now), to draw and you evolve as an artist in general. Also, you could have dived into the profit world by making this game a standalone series and hoped for the best, the mobile market was a correct call in my opinion and I remember recomending it to you a long time ago [make it available on Windows store please :) ]

My suggesttion would be to think of your game as a movie, you are not going to refilm it after the second of a 6 part saga because you think that your main star would be better as a black man instead of a girl, you stick with the girl until the end, or add a plot twist to kill the girl and insert the guy, but what is done is done.
I know that you started to draw a general story before doing the games you do, stick to that and have trust in it, if you have new ideas, insert them later, if you can't, the next game will be, and if at some point you see that you are not enjoying it anymore, that your profit is too low or that you are tired, you are entitled to stop without asking the permision of your comunity.

One last thing, if you want to live from what you like (game making) you have to go to more popular areas, sadly, or hope for success on your own thing, making compromises where you consider that it won't hurt your vision, I myself will wait till I have a better phone to give it a try and hope someday for a real Mardek 4, the medieval comedy that we all love.

For now, I wish you good luck and I hope you find your way into the game making world, I consider that you deserve it.
32 Argentina INFJ EIE SoSp RLUAN IAS PhlegmaticMelancholic
Why not ask other game developers for advice?
23 United States MelancholicPhlegmatic
Hmm... I understand these feelings. Working hard and not getting what you want never feels like you have accomplished anything... but the best way to deal with that is not to look at in the more narrow thought developer mindset and look at it in a more broad sense...

As for Taming Dreams pacing, may I suggest labelling Episode 1 as a tutorial while chapter 2 as 'chapter 1'? Chapter 1 truckloads you with info, and is not super required for players to do to get through and understand the game, and that way, you could make another chapter 1 part that would be more appealing to you. That's just a thought though, and probably not the best one.

I had a lot more in mind to post, but I think this is all I will do for now.
25 Germany ISTJ 5w6 SxSp PhlegmaticCholeric
Fenix Shakura
Would a better income really change anything? You think you'd be more motivated if you did have a bigger income, and that's absolutely natural, because you never earned much, but psychological research shows that this is more or less bogus. Intrinsical motivation is by far the better one in contrast to extrinsical factors like money, especially for someone who's untouched by capitalism's ideologies, like you.

Workers who've been promised a raise may maybe work a little harder for a short while, but that motivation is soon gone. They realize that it doesn't change anything about their life situation.

And my impression is that it applies to you just as well. You don't exactly live in poverty, do you? Your obligations towards your studies will be the same too, and the pressure only rises with the increasing complexity over the time. With extra money you could afford a bit of luxury, but how much happier would that make you? The probably most sensible investment would be tools with which you can improve the quality of your games, but are you ready to make that step and would it motivate you any more to work on your games?

Nevermind what I'm saying, if you know clear answers to those questions, but you seem a little lost to me so you should think about it some more.

And as a concluding remark I want to say -and I speak from experience- the most enjoyable thing about creating anything is doing so with other people.
25 United States INFP 936 SoSx RLUAI ISA PhlegmaticMelancholic
Just food for thought with no real comments in particular.

This is a good point. A little more money would be nice but would it actually make you happier and give you more motivation to work on the game? Money does not always bring happiness. Maybe it's not the money but the perception of how your creation is accepted by the public.

But on the other hand, if I were to start a project, I would also definitely be more motivated to work on it and happy in general if people were spending money on it and I could make a living off it. But that would also mean that everything was being received well and people were liking it. The same could be said of anything creative--I guess--music, art, drama, etc.
29 United Kingdom INFJ EII 459 SxSo RLxaI AIS MelancholicPhlegmatic
I definitely see where you're coming from, and think about this a lot myself, and I do know that money won't make me happy as such, especially since there's nothing in particular that I want to buy.

The reason it comes up now though is because I'm basically trying to decide what to do with my future. I may not live in poverty now, but I'm surviving on savings and student loans, so once those are gone, if I lack income then I'll be buggered. If my games might bring money to reduce the threat of living on the streets, then that's one less worry about the future. It's not that it adds a positive; it removes (or at least reduces) a negative. If however my games won't make decent money, then it's wiser to focus my attention on being the best psychologist that I can be so then I might one day get a job in the field in order to earn enough to live.

One of the biggest things I've realised in the last year or so is that nothing in the external world will ever really bring lasting and permanent happiness... and that it's all about how your mind processes the information it's provided. Still, I fear wasting years of my life doing something that will essentially lead to me one day living on the streets.

I'd absolutely love to work with other people... It's just that I've never met the right ones.
36 Bulgaria
Tobias, wait. Please. :) It sounds to me as if your mind is in a hurry. :)

First and most important: Please do not make any crucial decisions before the end of January. The period right now is really bad. For the past few weeks, all of my friends have been having enormous trouble, for totally unexpected reasons: miscommunication, depressive bouts, mood swings, you name it .... Please wait. Please. If you do need to make a hard and fast decision (not just about TD but about any new direction in your life), the beginning of February should be the earliest appropriate time.

Second: As you said, you haven't really started promoting TD yet. Neither have we. :)

I for one have been waiting for your sign that it's time to announce TD to the unwashed *ahem* uninitiated masses. Is it? :) Are you happy enough with the current version of TD? Are we allowed to tell ALL of our friends? (Not just the closest ones, as I've been doing over these three weeks.)

I don't want to give you any false hopes, so I won't tell you how many fans of games (and good SF, speculative fiction) I'm in touch with. I know that I cannot predict what their reactions will be either. But: as soon as you say, "All right people, let's go into the wild," I'll reach out to all and any of them.

And then ... then you'll have more stats to look at.

But--here's one more "please" from me--PLEASE don't look at any stats before at least 3 months have passed. Do you remember the book I recommended to you, Thinking Fast and Slow? One of the most important things it explains is that human biology is not good at dealing with statistics. We tend to overestimate everything: especially failures. One solution to that is to make statistical decisions using ONLY long-term data. (Short-term data is especially bad: it aggravates our biological inclinations to overrate.)

I've already written more than I meant to. Hope the length of this comment hasn't driven you away; hope you've found something you need in it.

And please :) remember: we're here to help. As long as you ask for it. :)

P.S. Maybe I should have started with this instead: I haven't had any grumbles about Episodes 1 and 2. (Except for my unresponsive smartphone screen--explained here: ∞ LINK ∞ ). And I'm a VERY demanding user. So when you calculate the statistics for "Do people actually enjoy TD as it is now?", add a big +1 from me. Please. ;)

(I've bought Ep.3 but haven't started it yet, because I'm enjoying Ep. 2 very slowly. For someone who has nearly 100 books on his To-read shelf, all of them itching to be read, enjoying a story slowly has volumes to tell. :)
29 United Kingdom INFJ EII 459 SxSo RLxaI AIS MelancholicPhlegmatic
Hearing things like this does help a lot, and it's true that I myself - and the people I know - have been having a tough time recently, since there's a lot going on at this time of year. I know it's best to wait.

What I'm wondering though is whether I should start work on another project while I wait, so I'm doing something more than sitting around twiddling my thumbs with uncertainty (or just avoiding development work due to fear it'll never work out anyway, which is what I have been doing). Maybe that wouldn't be too bad of an idea.

I'm waiting for the iOS version to be up and running before I ask people to promote the game and make efforts to do so myself. I should probably make it my top priority to do that (the only reason I didn't do it months ago is because I don't have a Mac, so difficulties arise which must be overcome). But then I worry I'll have made the promise to make more as soon as possible, and I feel like my mental state wouldn't be appropriate for that right now. Maybe when I'm settled into my second semester of university, I'll feel very differently.

I'm mostly concerned about things like the pacing... While I know that you're very much into stories for their own sake, I can't imagine that the average person will be as tolerant or patient. Most will want an immediate hook, and I feel that Taming Dreams doesn't have that at the moment. I also feel the language is probably going to go over a lot of people's heads, frustrating people who don't even like reading at all.

I'm not going to give up on Taming Dreams. I've poured too much of myself into it, and I love the ideas and am fond of the characters. If anything, I'll simply postpone it while I work on something else to refresh myself and give the game time to see how it fares.

Perhaps it could be said that Taming Dreams is my work of art, while another project might be more populist; something the lowest common denominator might not find so elusive and confusing. Something to pay the bills.

I should make the iOS version my priority now, though, so I'll try to do that first!
36 Bulgaria
I don't want to drain your time for creativity, so a very brief response this time:

While you wait for enough people to hear about TD (and enough statistics to accumulate), please DO work on whatever excites your muses the most. Postponing creative work because "event X must happen first" has always ended up being non-productive for me. Especially when said creative work is banging on the inside of your brain/chest/fingers: "Let me out! Now is my time!" :)

(And you've really taken a load off my chest with "I'm not going to give up on Taming Dreams." The actual thought scared me ... but now I see your point. Whew ... thank you. :)

-- End of brief response; all below is addenda ;) --

Also, I think you're worrying too much about the responses of people who are not your target audience. Anyone who can't deal with the language or is too impatient--anyone who will give up after 5 or 30 minutes--is probably not someone who will appreciate the general vision of TD either.

Okay, I may be overgeneralizing here. But that's what I've learnt from the responses of people who don't like my kind of writing. There're LOTS of them; and at the same time, there're MORE THAN ENOUGH who will like our particular style--even love it fiercely. So ... well, you see my point. :)

A final thought: I can't think of anyone else who's made a smartphone game that appeals to folks my age or older. (And who haven't stooped to mindless let's-kill-some-time-on-the-train "games.") How's that for an untapped niche? And did you know that the average age of gamers around the world has been going up? Here's the stats for the States:

∞ LINK ∞

Please don't neglect us. We need you. :)
29 United Kingdom INFJ EII 459 SxSo RLxaI AIS MelancholicPhlegmatic
One of the reasons I wanted to restart the story was because while it was meant for people my own age, I feel that the bit with the characters as children at the beginning doesn't make that clear; I've got several comments about how it seems to be 'made for children' because of it, so older people are put off.

I wonder though whether a mobile game aimed at older people would even be seen at all. How many people in that age range would even be looking for games to play on their phones if none in the past had really been aimed at them?

I don't doubt that no matter what I produced, at least some people would like it (and, as is obvious, some already do like Taming Dreams)... It's just that I suppose I dream of earning a lot of money, not so much because I want to be rich but because I want to remove the stress of poverty if I can, and I know that at least some mobile games do indeed make millions. The more inaccessible the game is to the masses, the less likely that is to happen. I wouldn't want to dumb things down completely, but it would be nice to target more than a narrow elite.
36 Bulgaria
"How many people in that age range would even be looking for games to play on their phones if none in the past had really been aimed at them?"

I think you'll be surprised. :) Most of my friends are around my age (or, ahem, my level of maturity ;).

But as you said: We'll see.

Just bear in mind that these older age groups also have more money to spend. MUCH more. Being a freelancer (and living in a country whose economic standard is probably ten times lower than the UK), I completely understand your fear of poverty. This is exactly why I'm pointing you to the untapped riches, so to speak. ;)
25 United States INFP 936 SoSx RLUAI ISA PhlegmaticMelancholic
I was one of those 20 people who bought ep. 3 in January!

Short version: I would not mind it and actually might enjoy it better to see a remake of Taming Dreams with all the comments/revisions you posted. Although, I am only one opinion and I have not supported you financially as much as some other people have.

Long version/review: I agree the beginning was kind of slow for me, and I would definitely not have gone through with the game had I not known the MARDEK counterparts of the characters and their personalities. I kept going though since I found the rune, sensitivity, and rapport mechanics interesting and I know you're an awesome developer and I follow your blog. It was actually not until episode 3 for me that I was beginning to appreciate the story, world, and dialogue of Taming Dreams separate from MARDEK, after I could see the development of the characters and even the NPCs from episode 2 to episode 3.

I also agree about the characters being children. There is some innuendo and sexual jokes, which are funny, but seem out of place for the child version characters, or when some of the more philosophical dialogue is interrupted by a light-hearted joke.

So, in summary, I really love all that you've done with Taming Dreams. I appreciate it because I am a fan of yours, but I do agree that to most people, the game might not start out on its best foot. So I would not mind and probably actually enjoy a remake. Maybe this can count as Taming Dreams alpha release, or Taming Dreams beta v2 haha. But if you were to continue with the current series I would also definitely buy episode 4 and other episodes!

29 United Kingdom INFJ EII 459 SxSo RLxaI AIS MelancholicPhlegmatic
I suppose it's only natural for stories to go through drafts before they're actually produced and widely promoted; it's not like films and things are made in a vacuum and then released as they are! So perhaps I should see what I've done so far as a way to test the waters, to see what people feel about it and how I should approach it differently with my next attempt.

I'm just glad that there's at least someone who'd be okay with me doing that instead of demanding that I stick with what I've started!
31 United States rCoxI MelancholicSanguine
$300 for your first mobile game is really nothing to be ashamed of. Single-developer games have been developed for longer and made less. They never even show up on anyone's radar.

I think if you wanted to make a series of short, simple, experimental RPGs based on your engine while you figured out where you were going for your next big project, people wouldn't be as displeased by a delayed decision regarding Taming Dreams. It's not even necessarily true that you're required to write all of the 15 remaining chapters. Maybe you could just pick your favorite moments and make those!

From a storytelling perspective, I've long found that it's easy to fill a story with more plot than you need, and the real challenge is being able to boil down the story to its bare essentials. A lot of advice writers in the Sci-Fi writer's group I used to revolves around skipping the exposition, leaving out all the (fascinating or relevant) worldbuilding details, and starting with an interesting conflict with an easily understood plot arc.

I'm a bit of a minamalist, so I tend to appreciate stories that seem to be built from the absolute minimum for the functional story, upon which every additional detail is intentional. The description of the way the shadows are cast from the trees are symbolism for the growing reach of past deeds, and the wayward reference to a mad king's ravings are actually a hint regarding the true nature of the world.

Finding this balance is hard, and your tastes in games and stories seems to run exactly opposite to mine, based on the way you describe games as a potentially tedious progression between interesting dialogue and narration. And I think your games should be about whatever you want them to be, so I fully support your desire to write games you like.

I certainly hope that more and more players discover and enjoy your work. They're well-made and worth playing, so maybe a day will come when the people you're making games for will be able to repay you for the time and effort you've put into your games.
29 United Kingdom INFJ EII 459 SxSo RLxaI AIS MelancholicPhlegmatic
I feel I'd earn much more than this if I made even the slightest attempt to contact people I know will be able to help, though I know that once I do that, I'm stuck on this path...

I've been thinking about the minimalist idea of telling stories, largely spurred by comments about Taming Dreams' pacing, and it's probably the biggest reason I've been wishing I could remake it. I wish I could just compress everything, make every moment matter, and while I can do that with the remaining episodes, they'll still be preceded by this quagmire that must be waded through, which few people will do...

When writing the six-episode alternative idea, simplification was very much a priority. It's why I feel that such a project could be quickly made; I wouldn't need to include tons of rambling or irrelevant details, which are what took the most time with the episodes I've got so far.

I feel like I've learned a lot about how (and how not) to tell stories from what I've written, and I'd like to use what I've learned if I can...
24 Canada INTJ 513 SpSx PhlegmaticCholeric
Tama Yoshi
I don't have a mobile phone of any kind, that might be relevant.

I'd like to say that your work is not on the stock market. That is, you don't have *financial* obligations to anyone. Is it really so wrong to delay the production of certain things? Are your games really still your only potential source of revenue?

It feels like you only need to find the place that your games have in your life, because there's certainly a lot on your mind and your games aren't the only thing.

I think that patterns are also something to worry about. This is not the first time that you put together a lot of work to make a project, only to doubt it later, compromising its chances of success.

The way I see it (and I apply this to my own creative hobbies), starting a project only makes financial sense if it must ever be completed, and making a habit of leaving projects incomplete means your creative career will lead to bankruptcy.

Whether it grows to become a hobby or a job, it will always require making some sacrifices.
Passion can die out, but if you learn to push through the lows, then at least the embers will remain hot.
26 France INFP EII 297 SpSo rLUAI IAS PhlegmaticMelancholic
I tried to be a beta gamer for Taming Dreams on my phone a couple of months ago, but my phone is crap and wouldn't let me download the game.

And now that it's been released and that I've downloaded BlueStacks and Taming Dreams, I find myself, of course, running into a new issue: I can't get too far through the game because I can't get passed the tutorial bit when the player is asked to slide two fingers on the pad.
For some reason, the pad on my laptop won't react to my sliding two fingers on it. So if anyone has previously run into the same issue, or has any knowledge of pads, and could give me any tip on how to solve this issue... I'd be immensely grateful. :-D

I haven't reached far through the game, but I enjoyed whatever little I saw from the tutorial bit. ;-)
22 Canada
ctrl + click usually does the trick
26 France INFP EII 297 SpSo rLUAI IAS PhlegmaticMelancholic
I did not try that, as I've only just seen your reply, but I tried playing again earlier and finally figured out how to make the gesture correctly. My bad! '^^

But I'll keep your tip in mind if I ever find myself struggling again. Thank you! ^o^
29 United Kingdom INFJ EII 459 SxSo RLxaI AIS MelancholicPhlegmatic
I don't remember where (or if) you're asked to slide two fingers, but you can open the menu on Bluestacks using Enter! I think that's what the two-finger tapping is usually used for.
26 France INFP EII 297 SpSo rLUAI IAS PhlegmaticMelancholic
Yes, I also realized that 2 days ago. '^^
I can't remember whether I had tried the first time I played Taming Dreams in late December and it had failed to work or whether I hadn't tried pressing "Enter" at all...
It's most likely option 2, but let's leave option 1 as a possibility in order to save whatever's left of my dignity. XD
Anyway, everything is working smoothly now, and I've started playing the second chapter.

I'm in the middle of launching my webshow right now - shooting should start on January, 30th -, so I won't have time to write any proper feedback, but I'm taking notes as I'm playing, and you can expect a detailed review of each episode as well as a game review on the App from me at some point. ;-)
When my episode by episode detailed reviews + bug report are ready, where would you like them to be posted? On the beta players Gmail group forumy-thingy?
19 United States INFP LII SoSp RLUAI AIE PhlegmaticSanguine
I... Well...

If you aren't confident in Taming Dreams, I understand. You should do what you feel is the right decision. What works out for you, not people who want you to be, as you said, a 'game-making machine'.

I won't be selfish enough to demand a completion to a game the creator doesn't believe in. Nor will I tell you to abandon your project. I'd go with the 'start on other game with TD's engine', and see if it brings back TD's life to you.

I'll miss Taming Dreams if it goes.

But I want you to be better off more than I want a game you're not sure about.
29 United Kingdom INFJ EII 459 SxSo RLxaI AIS MelancholicPhlegmatic
I've poured way too much into Taming Dreams to give it up! So if what I said suggested I might, then sorry about that!

At worst, I'd only postpone it until I had a more solid foundation to stand on, so to speak, as currently it feels like I'm walking on a rickety bridge that might not even take me anywhere. I'd love to be able to relax and not worry about how successful Taming Dreams might be so then I could continue it with joy rather than while feeling pressured.

I suppose it's like knowing you've started a marathon, but you feel like you might not have the stamina to keep it up... So doing a few shorter races before returning to that marathon might build your endurance enough to be able to actually finish it. It'd be better, I feel, than just attempting it anyway and getting burned out before the end.
19 United States INFP LII SoSp RLUAI AIE PhlegmaticSanguine
Oh, okay. I think I get it.

Sort of like starting to write a book, but being unsure of it's worth. Returning to it after working on something else grants fresh perspective and renewed confidence.

So, uh, yay!